Focussed on your Company

We make your projects a reality and transform your ideas into products.

We give solutions for each scenario. We know that every project has different priorities.

Lasercor is the number one choice for companies looking for comprehensive solutions in professional laser cutting. Fostering trust and confidence with our clients offering high quality products and services that add value to your projects. We encourage a team spirit within the company and with our clients.

Technical support

Customised Solutions

Thanks to the most innovative technology we can support every project. We are capable of developing solutions for all sectors and companies from small parts for the automotive industry or appliances to large construction developments, infrastructures and renewable energies.


Customer Service



Immediate availability

Wide stock of materials.

With more than 8,000 square meters and 2,000 tonnes of material, we are permanently investing in stock.

Maximum quality products in materials as diverse as steel, aluminium, copper and brass with varying thicknesses. The availability of raw materials permits us to efficiently respond to urgent orders and guarantee delivery deadlines.

Certified quality

Our Company offers Transparency and differenciation in the product process.

We are convinced that quality is the key to success. The whole team is focussed on complying and improving processes.

We are equipped with our own quality control laboratory on premises which permits us to check the raw materials before and after the cutting process, verifying the final product and delivering the final product with optimum quality. Having the whole productive process under control has permitted us to obtain the ISO 9001 certification in laser cutting and bending.