Life and History

A winning team

Since 2000, Lasercor’s primary focus has been to meet customer needs both technologically as well as improving processes and customer service. Our customer driven company philosophy has made us a reference in the laser cutting market. Our range of services has grown every year. We have led the way investing in new technologies. Our wide stock of quality materials and our productive capacity permits us to offer a perfectly finished product on time. Your company receives personalised technical support, quality service with our own transport service.


Our values define us.

Innovation and passion for technology. Presently our machinery is on average eight months old and none of our equipment is in excess of two years.

“We implemented the Lasercor Project in 2000 with great enthusiasm. I am pleased to note that today Lasercor is a consolidated and recognized company with sound plans for the future.”

Julián Jiménez Candano

Lasercor Founder

“We urge to get to know our company, our facilities, our technology, the services we offer, our great team, the energy and dedication with which we chart the path in our everyday activities.”

Julián Jiménez Barroso


“I am proud to introduce Lasercor. Since its inception in 2000, we have out performed ourselves guided with the enthusiasm to become a referent in the metal laser cutting and bending sector.”

Miguel Ángel Jiménez

Technical Department

Laser Cutting

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