Metal Bending

Lasercor offers comprehensive services in metal bending in Madrid. Find out what makes us different.

plegado de metales en madrid
Personalised Solutions

Flexibility and precision.

The indispensable solution for finishing different pieces that require folding, flattening and compression to adapt its shape to the product functionality.

Immediate Delivery

Reduced Costs

Certified Quality

Technical Assistance

Robotic Efficiency.

The Trubend Cell 7000 has been the most recent addition to the equipment units. It is a completely automated bending centre with an incorporated high velocity robot to reduce bending times.

Metal Bending

We have three metal bending centres moving weights of up to 130 tons, rolls of up to 3 metres wide and with a cylinder of 2 metres, capable of bending metal sheets with a minimum 700 mm radius. Equipped with a wide variety of bending centres, Lasercor makes production possible for all types of pieces regardless of the complexity of the curves, flattening or compression with lengths of up to 8 metres. We can respond to any client request from any sector.