Material Stock

Lasercor offers availability of materials. Find out what makes us different.

Personalised Solutions

Immediate Availability.

With more than 8,000 square meters and 2,000 tonnes of material, we are permanently investing in stock.
Maximum quality products in materials as diverse as steel, aluminium, copper and brass with varying thicknesses. The availability of raw materials permits us to efficiently respond to urgent orders and guarantee delivery deadlines.

Immediate Delivery

Reduced Costs

Certified Quality

Technical Assistance

Ample facilities.

Lasercor’s large metal stock ensures that the imminent production needs of clients are covered. All with the guarantee of the best raw materials.

Material Stock

Always prepared for any production demand from the client thanks to a permanent material stock enabling improved delivery and production times. With our own transport fleet at the client’s service with trucks of up to 28,000 kg, vans and other vehicles guaranteeing confidence and a rapid delivery.